Company Information


Company name HAMAMATSU Co. Ltd.
Capital 70,200,000 Japanese Yen
Head Office and factory 8 Mizuhata, Nishi, Saitama-Shi, SAITAMA 339-0059, JAPAN
Sales office 1 in Tokyo and 1 in Osaka
President / CEO Mikiko Hamamatsu
Primary line of Business Print finishing equipments manufacturing, Repair and sales


1924 Founder Seijiro Hamamatsu Established HAMAMATSU Corporation.
1945 Started to manufacture paper finishing machines and repairing related equipments.
1990 Developed a SINGLE cutter for Lamination machine and gained a global patent.
Developed LAMI-COATER SYSTEM and gained a patent in Japan.
1998 Established HAMAMATSU Co. Ltd. and Hiromichi Hamamatsu is appointed as a Chairperson and Hideko Hamamatsu as a president.
Developed various advanced Laminator, Lami-Coat System and Reverse Coater and gained patents on these machines.
2009 Katsuyoshi Hamamatsu is appointed as a President / CEO.
2011 Partner with Tomomitsu Horikawa (Currently THORiS Inc.) to expand sales network to Europe and Australia.
2012 Contracted global business partnership with THORiS Inc to market HAMAMATSU machinery to global market.


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